There’s that ugly word again.  Yet I know there are times you feel like you’re on a stage playing a variety of roles! Do you think about what a great mother or grandmother you are and then see yourself on the dance floor doing a magnificent tango with a dark, handsome, sophisticated stranger? Do you stretch and pull in your yoga class, and then go out and have a chocolate covered cinnamon bun?

Sometimes this topsy-turvy world of ours takes its toll, so I thought it a good time to discuss stress and what it means to you.

Good stress spurs you on and bad stress debilitates you. Stress is the amount of wear and tear on your body. Too much stress results in burnout. Bad stress comes from high demand and low control. When you have no say in something that is important to you, stress results. So you need the following coping mechanisms:

  1. Develop your sense of humor.
  2. Keep a log of who and what stresses you the most.
  3. Listen to your own body and mind.
  4. Try painting, exercising, stroking your pet or some other fun thing.
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