From the Journal of the S.O.B.

If there is one thing that is irreplaceable, it’s your time. People always ask me how I get everything done, and it’s mostly because I am a good manager of time and always have been.

Whether you are alone for the first time and aren’t sure in which direction to turn or you feel as if the zest has gone out of your life, to be an S.O.B. who kicks butt, you have to keep it all together. How? By knowing what “it all” is, prioritizing and sticking to your guns.

There are certain things you must do on a daily basis to survive, thrive, grow and develop. These become habits you do without even thinking and if you aren’t flexible about how your schedule goes, you’ll drive yourself nuts. Habits are great, but only when they don’t control you.

Be flexible but have a daily routine. If your day gets crazier as it goes along, do the important things in the morning. Figure out the three top activities you want to enjoy each day and remember your life is yours to live the way you want to.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Prioritize, Rank and Delegate.
  2. See your month at a glance.
  3. Know your body clock.
  4. Group like items.
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