Yesterday was Mother’s Day and hopefully all of you who are Moms had a wonderful day.  Believe it or not, I was alone.  My daughter was in Pensacola with her daughter and grand-kids and my son was in Palm Springs but gave me a call and we are celebrating next Sunday when I’m in San Diego.

But I had a busy day as I shot a video for someone and it went well so it kept me out of trouble. When my son called and I didn’t answer., he said “I knew you were either giving a speech or doing a video.”  He knows me so well!!!!

My Mom lived to 99 1/2 and was my greatest teacher and mentor.  She gave me structure, accountability, responsibility and let me choose my own path, although I know I made her nervous many times. She told my sister that I was her soulmate and that was quite a statement since I was such a rebel.

I hope all of you had a wonderful family day and that you share beautiful thoughts, great vision, and extreme happiness. And remember to treat each other the way you did today, every day!

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