Most of you know how important mindset is to me. And hopefully it’s a positive one. I so believe that how you think, act and treat people are all results of how you live your life. And the result it provides.

I meet so many people who are defeated. And that’s where I am fortunate. With all the trials and tribulations I have been through, I still don’t get depressed. Oh maybe I feel sorry for myself for 30 seconds or so, and then I’m back to “O.K. let’s go.” And for that, I credit my parents and home life.

There are challenges for you out there every day, and how you meet them colors your approach and life. It doesn’t matter how many things go wrong, it’s how many go right. And your reaction to those experiences gives off vibes and energy.

You S.O.B.’s are pretty terrific people and set the pace and tone for those around you. Be proud of how you live your life and what you accomplish. You are the power behind the change you want to see.

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