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Living Regret Free

Dr. Gayle’s radio show “Living Regret Free” is dedicated to showing people how they can absolutely live regret free. This may be through meditation, self-defense, happy products, family, estate planning etc. We all have so many “things” coming into our daily lives, and each of us receives them in a different way. This is a way to choose what can work for you because each program concentrates on something unique and different. What will we talk about today that could give you more happiness in your life?

Women In Business

Join Dr. Gayle Carson in her “Women in Business” radio show where she interviews women entrepreneurs and/or senior managers. She explores their background, history, accomplishments as well as their business insights.  Interviewees have come from England, Israel, Canada, New Zealand, Australia Mayas well as the U.S.  What can you learn from these smart women in business?

SOB Radio

Join Dr. Gayle Carson on her SOB Radio Show. Her show features a diverse group of women who all show how to live a full and excited after 50 clear up to 90 and beyond, still doing fabulous things.

A specialist in boomer women and beyond, in this interview series, she helps them deal with elder-care issues, feeling invisible, self-esteem and most important, knowing they can become whatever it is they want to be.


“As a result of Gayle’s careful preparation and coaching my appearance on her show went so well that it resulted in another popular radio host offering me a key position on a regularly scheduled live show. I’ll be the Money Coach for Dr. Sam Mallette and will be broadcast locally, streaming live, and via iHEart radio – literally thousands of listeners. WOW! Without Dr. Carson’s tutelage, I would not have been in a position to accept this offer! I am so glad she does what she does so well. Thank You very much.”


Rhonda Cobb

The Money Coach

“I hired Gayle during a transition of our business. It was a time that we were considering either doing a roll up with our own company on a national basis or potentially selling to a Fortune 500 company. As we got deep in our negotiations and due to the confidentiality of all of the issues, I needed a professional who on a confidential basis and who from a distance could help me sort through what made the most sense for the company and myself. Through weekly conversations I was able to set goals, get clarity and act on what we discussed, and in the end I feel the decision to sell was and is the best decision overall, which Gail was very helpful in her guidance. Part of the issues pertained to myself maintaining my role within the organization but yet not being overwhelmed with the transition. I can definitely say that now in 10 months since the sale all is as planned and smooth sailing and I am delighted with the results. Gayle is a great listener and communicator and has volumes of experience to be able to help guide you in any decision you are contemplating.”

Barbara Black

Managing Director, JLL

“I met Dr. Gayle Carson years ago as she was beginning her SOB initiative. I knew immediately that she was an amazing woman that oozed the savvy, sophistication and SOB qualities I desired for my golden years of life. But I didn’t believe any of that was possible for me then. As the universe would have it, our paths would intersect again at a seminar in California and seeing her successful evolution, I retained her as my business coach. Within 30 days, I had a radio show interview and my first PAYING client that doubled my ROI! Gayle is a powerful connector with an amazing Rolodex of resources, celebrities and anything you need to shift your mindset and actions toward success. Ever inspiring, teaching, coaching, connecting and assisting others, Dr. Gayle Carson has the experience to propel you beyond your limiting beliefs. Gayle, I thank you for the life altering shift that continues to move me toward living the SOB life of my dreams!”

Lydia Harris

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It’s your life.

Easier said than done, right? I see people in business feeling trapped in a dead-end job feeling frustrated and clueless as to a way out and feeling this way in their personal life as well. I’m a believer that we really are our worst enemy and the answers you seek are inside you right now.


As a Mentor for over 50 years for thousands of men and women, I have helped people just like you find their authentic voice to uncover ways to use their strengths and skills to follow their dreams and reinvent their current life.
Let me share my knowledge and insights with you through the words and work on this website. Learn how to improve your marketing efforts, reinvent your life and connect with me personally through webinars and private coaching and mentoring programs.
Spunky Old Broad® Philosophy
I believe in kicking your butt so you can live the life you’re meant to live!

Video About Dr. Gayle Carson

Virtual SOB Club

Dr. Gayle Carson, the Spunky Old Broad, Author, Speaker, Mentor, Media Consultant teaches you how to land your TV interview.

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About Dr. Gayle Carson

The back story of Dr. Gayle’s Spunky Old Broad® Philosophy
Born in Albany, NY, Dr. Gayle Carson, like many of us, has experienced endless moves and had many career adventures and hiccups along the way. One thing Gayle knew at a young age- she was born to coach entrepreneurs.

Possessing that “silver lining mentality” has allowed her to build a company from 0 to 7 offices, travel globally as an international speaker, coach and consultant and produce over two dozen books, CD and DVD programs and work with over 1000 clients in 50 different industries.


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