As you can imagine, I am still in the throes of the Olympics–loving every minute and so proud of all the competitors.  And it is my hope you are continuing to look at the spirit, enthusiasm, dedication and appreciation of all the participants. Whether they win or lose, the smile is there, the happiness of participating and representing their country.
And that is what I want you to look at in this transition of your life.  Are you absolutely passionate about what you do?  Would you do it no matter what?  Or are you on a treadmill unable to get off?
Are you finishing up your career of a lifetime and now wanting to start fresh in something completely new and different?  Opportunities come out of the woodwork when you are open to it and people recognize talent, ability, organization, creativity and innovation when they see it.
I get up every day loving what I do and no matter what is thrown at me during that time, I am happy doing it. I want that for you too.
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