I just got back from the Veterans Speakers Retreat, where I was named as a Legend of the Speaking Profession back in 2007. Our last session was one where we picked a key ring with a saying on it. We had no idea what that saying would be until we opened the package. The above was my saying.

As I was thinking about the meaning, I realized that without imagination, we wouldn’t have any of the creativity, mindfulness or joy that we experience. We all must have that imagination in whatever form it takes. It’s what gives us hope, drive, ambition, and yes, even peace.

So I challenge each and every one of you to think about where your imagination takes you. Do you go to far away places? Do you find a new way of doing something? Does it inspire you to make that phone call to someone you’ve been afraid to contact? Does it conjure up a new idea?

Let me know!

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