As you go through your day,do you do it by rote? Are you so used to what your day is like, that there are no surprises? That happens when you aren’t invoking anything new into it. It’s certainly easier when you do that as it doesn’t take much effort, but what happens when there’s a glitch and you aren’t ready for it? It takes a heavier toll.

You need to stretch and push yourself so that the uncomfortable becomes comfortable. Anticipate what might come your way and be prepared for it. Most of the major things that have been invented are either mistakes or have happened after many failures. Nothing gets improved when you do the same old, same old.

There’s a lot of talk about reinvention, and that is something I speak and coach on. However reinvention requires trying new things and shifting your focus. I know that every time I get uncomfortable, I grow. And most of the time, good things happen. I also find out what I do like and what I don’t. That’s valuable as well.

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