So many forget why they started what they did and just keep doing it out of habit. Have you ever noticed that when you learn a new skill or find a new technique you begin to use it but when you are in a rush or need to get to an answer quickly, you revert back to your old ways.

I have met so many people who continue to do things the old way, or like a particular thing because their Mom did or stay in the same job because it’s easier to do that than look somewhere else. While none of this is bad, it also numbs you to what else is out there.

Why did you choose your course of study, the house you live in, the city you are in, or the route you take to work?  I know many get distracted by bright shiny objects, yet you retreat to the “same old, same old” without really questioning it.

All I’m asking is that you think about why you are doing the things you do.I remember the first time I got breast cancer and to the other women who were going through it.  Some of them totally changed what they were doing because it wasn’t fulfilling them. I never did because I was already doing what I loved and I still continue to do that.

And so, it is here that I reveal that my breast cancer has come back for the fourth time. I just found out and am seeing the doctor today for my course of treatment. And I continue to do what I love.


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