After being at the National Speakers Convention “Influence 18” there is nothing but possibilities. It is such an honor to know so many talented and bright people who continue to raise the bar and break the envelope. All the new innovations that were presented, the new talent on show, the veterans who are changing it up, the way the industry is changing–all provided stimulation.

Look at your own life and see where you’re stuck. What are you willing to try? Can you make the commitment to change something small every day or have one gigantic goal for the next 30 days? I always come away from events like these with great hope, many ideas and realizing I need to challenge myself. Now it’s time for the implementation.

If you find doing this on your own is too much to bear, get a buddy. Or even better a coach. One that fits into your lifestyle and dreams. Take it as slowly or quickly as you need to, however just “take it.” We all know that once you hit “50” you rethink who you are, where the future is going, how you fit in, and 100 other thoughts.

My feeling is…..enjoy yourself, try your “thing” and let me know how it goes.

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