From the Journal of the S.O.B.:

It is wonderful to wake up and have everything just the way you want. But is that realistic? Yes, there are some people who SEEM to be blessed by a golden hand that follows them everywhere they go, but if you dwell on that you will drive yourself crazy. You may not control what happens in other people’s lives, you can at least control your reaction to it.

Don’t ever again dwell on the things that could or might go wrong. Continue to find techniques to relax and keep that smile going as long as you can. Every time you have a moment to yourself, think about the great things that happen to you and the things that give you peace and comfort.

Err on the side of the positive. Rather than think of how poorly you’re you;re going to do, think of the excitement that is building to the event and how terrific it’s going to be once it happens. Take advantage of all the fantastic things around you. We know the brain is capable of amazing powers so I hope you will learn to use it all for the positive.

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