I say that with a question mark because of all the crazy weather that has been going around. However with that in mind, and as we start the month of May, some of you might have been wondering when the new tide will start.

The start being your business taking off, your life being fulfilled, your family being blessed, and your legacy being established. I am still going through my boxes, getting rid of “stuff” that has meaning only to me (knowing my kids want none of it) and listening to my sweet Dylan meowing because he is so lonely without his Diva.

It’s time for you to stick your foot (not your head) in the sand and go for it, whatever that “it” is. I know that each and everyone of you out there has something magnificent to offer, and if you aren’t sharing that with the world or at least your local environment, they are losing because you aren’t.

I watch on TV how every day there is someone who is a “hero” because of something they did quietly. And I know that is you. Please share your stories with me so I can let my tribe know the impact you are having.

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