From the journal of the S.O.B.:

Yes, it’s that time again. February is Spunky Old Broad month and it already has been making the publicity rounds. I haven’t even announced the new S.O.B. of the Year (which will happen next week) and I am getting calls from ordinary people, journalists, and others.

In tune with all of that I thought I would talk about positive people and events this week. When you look in the mirror, who do you see? A lively, spunky broad who kicks butt, or an old woman who no longer dances or wear purple? More importantly, do you like the person you see?That woman in the mirror gets her appearance from your subconscious vision of how she looks, and that image is often influenced by what others tell her. It isn’t egotistical to look back at your reflection and say “Neat Lady!” Once you’re happy and satisfied with “you” you can start appreciating everyone else.

Here’s what you do to get there:

  1. Wear a non-erasable smile on your face.
  2. Strut your positive feelings.
  3. Let people know you like yourself.
  4. Radiate self-esteem and self-awareness that puts you at the top.

Lessons Learned: When you’re true to yourself and what’s important to you, you will accomplish your deepest desires and be your happiest. Surround yourself with loving friends and peers and ask yourself every day, “What did I accomplish today? What did I do for fun? For myself? For my goals?” When you refuse to give in to negativity, the impossible becomes possible.

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