The Spunky Old Broad for 2019 is Robin Roberts. A cancer survivor, host of Good Morning America, Former ESPN host, winner of the Arthur Ashe Courage award, she epitomizes everything an S.O.B. is. Intelligence, good sense of humor, great fashion style, and fierce fighter, Robin has shown what family, causes and decency mean.

I had the pleasure of seeing her in person at the AARP convention when it was held in Miami Beach where she was the keynote speaker and she kept everyone spellbound with her story. She has also said “Thank you for saying being physically and mentally strong is the new healthy, because I believe everything I have faced–whether at GMA or with my health challenges is as much mental as it is physical.”

As you know, positive thinking is one of my themes. Her doctor told her that although her lifestyle couldn’t prevent what happened to her, it would help heal her and it did. I so believe in this that I made a short video which emphasized that mindset matters.

In order to get the most out of being an S.O.B., you have to feel your best. Fitness is not about just looking good–it’s about energy.

What you can do:

  1. Stay in good physical shape so you can combat any illness that attacks you.
  2. Stay in a good mental state so your energies can be targeted on the right things.
  3. Always have a purpose that is bigger than you are.
  4. Share with friends and loved ones often. They are your community
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