For the first time, I am honoring two Spunky Old Broads. Why? Because they deserve it! They are Debbie Reynolds and Mary Tyler Moore.


I loved both these women although I identified more with Debbie because of her singing, dancing and her never-say-die attitude.  Plus I thought she conducted herself with such dignity when Eddie Fisher left her.


Mary Tyler Moore was talented, accomplished and a fighter for Diabetes. Although a role model for many women, I was already in business when she played the independent business woman.  I was in awe of her talent even that I didn’t consider what she was doing groundbreaking.


However, I loved both of them and couldn’t believe we lost two such icons in a short period of time.  They both epitomized spunkiness, beauty, independence, feistiness, good intentions, authenticity and so much more.


And they proved that even at 80 and beyond you keep going.  So never think you are over the hill.  You’re just getting started!!!

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