holiday travelersDid a lot of traveling this past week and found some wonderful people even though planes were delayed, cancelled and all the rest.  Some were happy they had another day in paradise, others were inconvenienced and sad and still others had a fatalistic approach.

The most important thing was that most of them stayed calm, waited for help from the ticket agent, and understood it was weather not the airline. For the first time I didn’t see any pushing or shoving or “I am more important than you” behavior.

Maybe with all the things going on in the world, both here and abroad, people are realizing there are other more important fights and causes happening. Regardless, it was a pleasant sight to see after witnessing such bizarre behavior as people jumping over ticket counters to attack the agent, screaming and yelling as they pushed through lines and spouting obscenities as they went.

Life is worth living and taking things personality not only brings you down but those around you as well.  Need help “moving on” and getting unstuck out of your current situation? Read more of my posts, or call me for a 15 minute kick butt session.  Always Spunky, always positive and already here for you- I’m Dr. Gayle.

You can connect with Dr. Gayle at 305.534.8846 or email her at [email protected]

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