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Building Lasting Relationships

One of the things all of you have told me is that you enjoy community. You want people around you who you enjoy doing things with, can talk to, can count on and who are there for you and vice-versa.

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8 Keys for Successful Public Speaking

Contributed article to: The Six Figure Coach online magazine They say public speaking is #1 on the list of the greatest fears people have.  I of course make my living at speaking in front of people so I am always

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So, You’re Holding an Event !

Contributed Article to:  The Six Figure Coach Online Magazine So you’re holding an event!  It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You’ve been to so many yourself and after all, if those people can do it, why can’t you?  So the dream begins. 

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Winter Blasts

Here we were breaking temperatures this past week with 80 plus degrees and yesterday the chill set in with 50’s – but as you know we will be back in the 70’s shortly. I do feel badly for the rest

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Let’s Show the Love!

I’m counting on you gals to do just this. I got up yesterday and was greeted with the news of the New York bombing. It is so incredible to me that there are people in this world who are so

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Dedication and Persistence

Talking about transitions, I am obsessed with the Olympics Just think about it–working all those seconds, minutes and hours for just a few minutes of action trying to win the Gold, Silver or Bronze medals. I just love it! Think

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Speakers Gather

I’m in Phoenix at the annual convention of the National Speakers Association and as you may imagine, there is chatter everywhere and a lot of hugging and kissing. This is a group of positive minded, motivated, energetic individuals who are

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Responding to Darkness with Light

For all my positiveness, I have to recognize the horror of yesterday’s events in Orlando.  Some people are so unhappy, so biased, so low in self-esteem, that they create these acts of utter devastation.  And of course, I ask, “To

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Don’t get sucked into the negativity all around you

I really had a moment that brought me back to how important mindset is.  You know that I keep stressing positive thinking and attitude and how it affects your entire being and thinking. Recently I was an observer of a

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