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Push Yourself

As you go through your day,do you do it by rote? Are you so used to what your day is like, that there are no surprises? That happens when you aren’t invoking anything new into it. It’s certainly easier when

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Never Give Up!

Most of you know how important mindset is to me. And hopefully it’s a positive one. I so believe that how you think, act and treat people are all results of how you live your life. And the result it

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A Slip Is Not A Fall

Someone said that as I sat in a meeting for the Ambassadors Board of Nova Southeastern U. It really struck a nerve. So many times just a little thing goes wrong and we beat ourselves up over it. When all

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Spring Has Sprung?

I say that with a question mark because of all the crazy weather that has been going around. However with that in mind, and as we start the month of May, some of you might have been wondering when the

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Are You Stopping You?

I had an interesting “a-ha” as I was going through the boxes now in my living room. I got into a box that had my speeches from 1985 to 1990. It never dawned on me at the time, but as

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What Do You Believe in?

This has been a week of introspection for a lot of people. Scandals in the White House, more terrorism, the budget that was passed and of course culminating with the March on Washington with very brave young people. I can’t

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To All The Game Changers

  This is my last missive of the year as we take a break during the holidays. However I believe all of you who follow me are pretty special people and know that you have some mighty powerful goals set

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Interesting Times

It once again has been an interesting news week.  President Trump appeared in my home town of Miami where the old guard Cuban community welcomed him with open arms, Flag day was celebrated on the 14 of June, there was

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Spunky Old Broads

  For the first time, I am honoring two Spunky Old Broads. Why? Because they deserve it! They are Debbie Reynolds and Mary Tyler Moore.   I loved both these women although I identified more with Debbie because of her

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Winter Blasts

Here we were breaking temperatures this past week with 80 plus degrees and yesterday the chill set in with 50’s – but as you know we will be back in the 70’s shortly. I do feel badly for the rest

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