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Create an Experience

As we creep towards the end of the year and the holidays are looming, I’m wondering how many of you are thinking of times past instead of present. As we get older, it seems more about remembering what was rather

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Possibility Starts With Imagination

I just got back from the Veterans Speakers Retreat, where I was named as a Legend of the Speaking Profession back in 2007. Our last session was one where we picked a key ring with a saying on it. We

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Make Today So Awesome, Yesterday Gets Jealous

Isn’t that a fabulous saying? I got that from a “Juice Plus” brochure I have. (I swear by those supplements.) Have you thought about your day?  Has it been “awesome?” I know it seems difficult to have an awesome day

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Do You Love Your Life?

To all you S.O.B’s out there, this is a very important question.  Once you hit the mid-century mark, you start asking questions. Where did the time go? Now that I’ve taken care of everyone, is it my time–yet? I have

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Spring Has Sprung?

I say that with a question mark because of all the crazy weather that has been going around. However with that in mind, and as we start the month of May, some of you might have been wondering when the

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What Do You Believe in?

This has been a week of introspection for a lot of people. Scandals in the White House, more terrorism, the budget that was passed and of course culminating with the March on Washington with very brave young people. I can’t

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What’s Your Momentum?

We are now into the third month of the year, so you’ve had plenty of time to get your juices going for the year. So I need to ask you–“How’s it going?” We all start the year off with great

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Pursue Your Passions

Most of you know how important I think the above is. However, we get stuck in our ruts or find it is just easier to do the same routine over and over. I want you to think deeply about your

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Live In Possibility

That’s my new theme. I had the honor of being the subject of a “rebranding” at the Florida Speakers Association, and that’s what the expert came up with. After going through just a brief Q & A, he said that’s

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Your beliefs direct your action in life

I’m at the annual convention of the National Speakers Association and the above is a quote from one of the presenters.  It really made me stop and think how everything you experience has formed how you do everything and when

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