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Building Lasting Relationships

One of the things all of you have told me is that you enjoy community. You want people around you who you enjoy doing things with, can talk to, can count on and who are there for you and vice-versa.

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Happy Post-Thanksgiving Day

We are all recovering from a hectic holiday weekend. Some of you went crazy on Black Friday (I don’t have the patience for it), others entertained relatives, many overate, and some got stuck in the crazy weather. This is just

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When Life Happens …

I didn’t think I was going to write about this, but then again, I thought it so hilarious that I felt like I was in a Chevy Chase movie and I was Goldie Hawn.  It wasn’t a funny happening, but

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We are heading into a very busy month of February for me.  It’s my birthday month, Valentine’s Day, Spunky Old Broad month and three big trips. I just watched an old movie on the Disney Channel called “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.”

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Do. It. Now!

  The good news is that my home in Gatlinburg is still standing. It seems my street made it out all right (although I don’t have the official news yet) however, the big development just in front of us didn’t

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What’s Really Important

  As I write this I still don’t know if I have a home in Gatlinburg, TN.  Yes, my husband and I bought a house there several years ago but I’ve been renting it out as a vacation home ever

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  Yesterday would have been my 53rd wedding anniversary and strangely, my husband’s best friend passed away recently, and his wife and I met for lunch yesterday.  It was so apropos.  We laughed, reminisced and recalled old tales. And then

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