Why don’t you develop fun and humor in your life by looking at the positives. You can’t be funny if you don’t feel good, so this is just one more reason why you have to take care of yourself. Why feel miserable if you do feel great, you can enjoy everything going on around you.

​Be excited about where you are, who you’re with and what the opportunities might be. What’s it all worth if you’re not enjoying yourself. You will always have many things competing for your time and energy and when you’re enjoying yourself, things become a lot easier to deal with. Make a concentrated effort to put the people into your arena you want to.

​Surround yourself with people and events who have your pace and energy even if it’s virtually. I know it’s difficult in these times to look at things this way, however it’s a great way to stay sane, appreciate what you do have, and develop even stronger relationships.


​Here is the chair that my son gave me for Mother’s Day. Isn’t it fabulous? And it stops all my back pain. Being on the computer all day took its toll and this has solved it.

In my 13th week of staying safe (is 13 a magic number?) I was busier than ever with wonderful presentations from the National Speakers and Florida Speakers Association, wonderful interviews on Podcasts and summits, a few coaching clients and of course the requisite webinars and study sessions.

​I continue to work out every day (although not as strongly as I would like) and love my kitties up. I stay in touch with old friends and am actually making new ones through my zoom meetings.


As I watched the Sunday morning news shows (the only time I watch these interviews) I am amazed at the different viewpoints people have and how their perceptions of what is happening differs. This is why the media needs you. If you have something important and relevant to say, say it!


Three things that make a difference are control, commitment and challenge. With control, the person involved is yourself. You have to look at what comes into your life and decide if its important. The second point of commitment means the most important part of this is stick-to-it-tiveness. Doing something over and over until you get it right. The final point is challenge. It’s a way of growing. Keep your drive and focus and don’t become complacent. Have great vision as to where you’re going and what you want to happen.

Action Step:

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Here is my interview with Jordan Monks a Health coach, Businesswoman, and a Peace Hero in Peace & Harmony co. She is very energetic, loves helping people have the joy and energy of a child. She talks about why people think they have to give up certain things as they age, and they don’t. Her husband owns a gluten free bakery and brings home treats constantly but it doesn’t interfere with her love of chocolate, sweets and all the rest.​

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