I have had the most wonderful week so far. I was at the IDEA fitness convention where I interviewed 10 of the most fabulous fitness people.

This year there are two themes which are constant–the mind-body connection and functional training. Everyone is talking about how much the mind plays in everything you do, especially in your approach to health and fitness. It was as if everyone was listening to the same playbook.

They were describing how many of their clients lives had changed because their mindset had changed. It especially was prevalent in the over 50 population. I was so glad to hear that it no longer is just the body that is being talked about at gyms and studios. In fact, the boutique studio is making a huge comeback.

Functional training refers to the movements that you use every day and by training you to use those muscles and movements, it makes your daily living far easier and practical. No longer it is just build muscle and lose weight. It’s “Let’s make your day easier and better for you.”

I had a blast.

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