The Missed Hour

Did you miss your one hour of extra sleep? I didn’t.

Have you thought about what it is your do on a daily basis and why you do it? Sometimes you operate on automatic pilot and at the end of the day wonder where it went and what you accomplished. I know in my heyday when I was traveling every week to other countries and states, I was on a very strict schedule and a lot got done.

As I look back on my work, I am amazed at all I did and believe it or not, I enjoyed every minute of it. However, now as the “Queen of Reinvention” it is a different time, with different responsibilities and I see myself more as a mentor and guide. As I coach the women I work with, I am more invested in them than me and find it very rewarding.

The key word is “transformation” and that’s what I want for all of you. Transform yourself into whatever you want to be and don’t let anything stop you. I am starting a new radio show with co-host Gladys Mezrahi called “The Power of the Heels” which will discuss the issues facing women today.

My message to you—“Go for it!”

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