When I talk about love, I’m not just talking about love of spouse, significant other or family.  I’m talking about the love you have for your friends, groups you belong to, activities that you do, the animals who surround you and anyone or thing you can think of.

As you know, I talk about waking up with a smile on your face, and going to bed the same way.  And I know, just like me, you have “stuff” that happens all day long that is not your favorite thing.  But that’s called life, and you and I need to deal with it.

However, just think if you are doing the work you love, surrounded by the people you enjoy, and coming home to adoring pets and a wonderful family, it’s all worth it.

I hope you take a fresh look at everything around you and begin to appreciate what you have and how it can bring a fresh perspective to all you do. There is no substitute for love and it can make everything in your life better and allow you to recover from the other things that bother you quicker.

And if you think love is passing you by–just open your eyes to all the good around you and you will find it.

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