From the Journal of the S.O.B.:

I am attending the 39th convention of the National Speakers Association. As you can imagine, there are over 1000 people here who are mostly professional plus those just starting out. We also have 100 youth attending the program including my great-grandson and my granddaughter.

I took her when she was 10 (the starting age) and now he is 10 and beginning as well. She is here as a mentor to the youth group so it’s turned into a family event. And we are all in the same hotel room!

It is magical to be going through this deja vu, and it hardly seems like 20 years has gone by. Technology is different, there are more speakers, requests are different, but the bottom line is—you still have to be good–and really great.

I  represent the past (although I am still active and speaking), my granddaughter represents the present and my great-grandson is the future. Even if they don’t become professional speakers, the training that goes on is phenomenal. I’m not sure if you have as much pride in your profession as I do (I sure hope so)  but it’s pretty terrific.

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