Joy is gleeful and exhilarating and it fills you with a feeling of warmth.  It makes you sparkle and gives you the energy you need to pursue your dreams and everything else.  It’s different than happiness which is calmer, more soothing and gentler. We hope we have both, but without joy, happiness doesn’t have the same punch.

There was a time after my husband died that I felt that joy had left my life.  Even though I was busy doing and being, he wasn’t there.  We always had such a good time together and laughed all the time as well, and I felt like I was drifting. Fortunately, I did some deep thinking, had my kids around me and I found purpose and passion once again, and that’s when I started the S.O.B. movement.

So I am in sync with those of you who are experiencing change, loss and sadness.  However it is not a place where you want to stay.  Now I can say that I get up with a smile and enthusiasm and go to sleep with a smile and counting the blessings of the day.

Some of you may wonder why this is so important to me.  It’s because I know women 50+ are the strongest, smartest, most valuable people in the world today.  You can do just about anything you put your mind to and do it better than most people. You have been through the best and the worst of it, had losses and wins, and survived!  That’s why I want to tell your stories.

I am thrilled that more women are being featured in film, stage, TV and other media.  You can do anything you put your mind to, so start now.

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