Hard to believe it is already August 1 and many people are getting ready to go back to school, have already gone on vacation, and are experiencing the most summer heat.  My granddaughter is beginning to teach first grade while trying to wean herself from her two children after a summer with them.
I have come back from the National Speakers Association convention with a head full of new ideas (like I really needed more!!!) and I have added a few new coaching clients.
The political conventions are done and no matter who you are voting for—just be sure you vote so it counts.  You can’t complain about results if you don’t do the deed!  And aren’t we lucky we are in a country where we can do it freely.
This is a great time for you to look at all you’ve done in the past and set your sets on what you will do for the remaining 5 months.  Because I want to be in tune with you, will you let me know what subjects you’d like me to cover or investigate for you.  In fact, can you write and let me know where your interests are so I can pay very close attention to them and get you the latest info on them?
I love you all and want to be a valuable resource for you.
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