Here you are–in the over 50 crowd. Some say you’re halfway through your life and others say it is just beginning–but what do you say? There is so much opportunity out there and even though you are often considered the “new unemployable,” you are part of the work force that is the most loyal, hard working and conscientious population there is.

And it is your choice. Do you work part time, open your own business, volunteer, learn a new skill or create a niche? I don’t believe you are just vegging out because that isn’t you.  You may spend more time with your grand kids, or your might just travel to all those far off places and when you’re there, can even make some new discoveries.

When your mind is open, anything can happen. I am in such enthusiasm for you that I hope it rubs off and you start looking for all the possibilities you could have been missing. Let me know when you find them!

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