There is a light at the end …

From the Journal of S.O.B.:

As you know I spent the week in San Diego at the New Media Summit. Hopefully you got to see some of it on the Live Stream.It was a terrific summit that wrapped with a Mastermind for all of us Icons.

I then headed to the Airport  to head to Reno for Alina Vincent’s FB event. Of course there were mechanical issues and we were delayed and switched to another plane, but as we were waiting, along came a gentlemen with two of the cutest white Bichon Frise dogs you could ever want to see. And I got to play with them and even watched them when he did some errands.

On the way back from Reno to San Diego, I sent next to a wonderful young man who plays violin in the San Diego Symphony and he kindly offered me tickets whenever I want to hear them.Don’t tell me good things don’t happen when you least expect them. Then yesterday I headed back to Miami after my son came in from Palm Springs to take me to dinner!  I am blessed.

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