From the Journal of the S.O.B.

I hope you missed me these past two weeks. I was in Greece, courtesy of my son who gifted me with this wonderful trip for my birthday. Yes, I went by myself and had an easier time getting through Greece than I did on my return trip through Chicago and the hotel there.

It was fabulous. I met great people and saw amazing sights but it was hot, hot, hot. Four hours on tours where there was no shade and constant walking to see ruins (which were super) but too long for the amount of heat. Although I was on a cruise, I spent 3 days in Athens before and after and got a chance to see much of the city.

Since you know how much I love cats, Athens is famous for all of the cats around the city (tiny little things) and one restaurant I was taken to by the head of a P. R. agency there featured 100’s of them (I’m not exaggerating) just roaming around but not bothering anyone. I was in heaven!

Even at the ruins we went to, cats were there, when nothing else was. Amazing! I made some new friends and hope we will connect again when they come to the U.S. It was so lovely being a part of something new and witnessing how others live and interact. I adore meeting new people and I never had to worry about being lonesome.

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