Virtual SOB Club

“It’s not a red hat meeting nor is it a women’s chamber event.  It’s so much more!”

This is a networking club for women over 50 years young! The founder of the SOB Clubs is Dr. Gayle Carson, known as the Spunky Old Broad®.  

In our busy lives, it’s difficult to meet women that are spunky, open and brave so this club offers a networking environment to bring like-minded women together for the sole purpose of sharing insights, stories and building friendships and business relationships.


OUR MISSION: The Spunky Old Broad ® Clubs are a community of smart business women who have achieved successes and experienced challenges.  The group environment encourages dialogue among all members. The SOB clubs provide education, events, lifestyle tips, shared advice and a networking group of like minded souls. Although all are welcome, our target market are women over 50 looking for the “secret sauce” that makes life even more valuable and exciting than it already is.

OUR VISION: Our goal is to establish a national society of women who strive to improve their personal, professional and spiritual life while enjoying the camaraderie of like minded people. An SOB club is designed to provide seminars, teleseminars, webinars, events, newsletters, coaching, mentoring and conversational dialogue to spark a new energy in this community of spunky, outspoken and brave leaders.

Let me be very clear:

  • This is not a “get rich quick” group
  • This is not an MLM group
  • You are not required to purchase or sell any products or services

This is solely a networking club designed to pull together women of all backgrounds for a common conversation.  Our club is different because of the open dialogue that takes place.  Conversations are dictated by the club not a corporate office.  We hope to see conversations such as: how to deal with boomerang kids, making it through menopause, caring for aging parents, sex after 50 and even conversations on how to reinvent yourself for the next chapter in your life. The conversations are limitless!

How to become an SOB Member

There is a monthly MEETING fee of $10 a month and a once-a-year annual membership fee of only $100.  This makes the club affordable for all budgets.  Why is there an annual fee? This is a national club and like any business, there are costs in operating an entity. We recruit and position a leader for each group, support the chapter with an in person visit from Dr. Gayle to launch the club, market and promote your chapter under the SOB brand, provide materials for education and group interactions and promote on social media platforms to keep ideas and attendance flourishing.

Interested in a Leadership Role?

For the right candidate, an investment of a $1,000 a year will begin the leadership journey.  The $10 fees collected at the club level each month, go directly to the local leader to use at her discretion.  For more details, please contact Dr. Gayle directly: 305-534-8846 or email her at [email protected]


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