To continue on from last week–one year later they found cancer in my other breast. This constituted a need for both chemo and radiation. Yes, I lost my hair but not my spirit. I started wearing gorgeous hats and no one knew what was going on underneath them. I also got a boatload of wigs which I have now re-purposed for other cancer patients.

I immediately called my friend, Dr. Wayne Pickering, who is a natural health practitioner and asked him what to do. He put me on Juice Plus and whether it was a magic potion or not, I never got sick or had an adverse reaction to the chemo. In fact, I even had my bunions removed during all of this.

And so we move on to 2004 where my third case was diagnosed. Interestingly, I went in for a lumpectomy and was just being wheeled out of the room when the phone rang and the doctor said he wasn’t sure they had gotten everything and I needed another mastectomy which turned out to be the most devastating of them all. They went down to my ribs and left me pretty marked up. I always say I look like a road map.

Then a few years later one of my implants burst and I went through another surgery to have it removed. I ended up having another 3 surgeries over the next few years to have fat added to my bad side as the blood vessels were coming through. All in all, I had a total of 16 surgeries from start to finish from 1987 to 2010.

And now in 2018, my 4th case appeared, after feeling I had broken ribs which weren’t healing, tumors were found through a bone scan. I am now being treated with hormonal therapy which involves shots and pills. Another bone scan will be done next month to see if it is working.

LESSONS LEARNED: It’s not over until it’s over. Never give up hope and constantly maintain a watch on your health. Get all your preventive screenings and don’t skip any check-ups. Don’t look at things as if it’s the end, look forward to the future and everything it can hold for you. Positive thinking is the best medicine you can have so keep smiling, working out and enjoying your family and friends. Having a pet helps too!!!

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