June 28, 2021

​​From the Journal of the S.O.B.:​

What is happening?


I had a wonderful time with with my family and now they are gone except for my daughter who is with me for the week.

​However I have been totally obsessed with the towers that came down in Surfside. It is less than 10 blocks from my home and you could see the smoke from the fires from my balcony.

It is so sad and hard to tear myself away from the stories that are coming out of all the families and what they are going through. That’s why you must treasure every day.


Here is a pic of me, my great-grandson, daughter and son. We had such a good time together.

Not much else to report except for a few meetings.


As you can see, the media from around the world has gathered here in Surfside. It just goes to show you that news still makes headlines everywhere and there is always something to report. I must admit that the local reporters have been doing a magnificent job.


This is certainly the week to talk about paying it forward. Try to be the one who goes the extra mile, gives a compliment, does a good deed, and appreciates everything around you.

​It takes so little to be nice, why choose the other route.

Action Steps:

1. Do one good deed every day.​

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