whats love got to do with itI’ve been thinking about love a lot lately.  There are so many different kinds. We love our children one way, our partner another, friends even more ways and of course we can’t forget our 4 legged friends either.
The overwhelming thought however is love.  When we care for someone or something else, you don’t have room for all the other negative emotions that very often come your way.  Love has this magical component about it where selfishness isn’t present, empathy is everywhere and a helping hand is very close by.
Love overcomes many things–loneliness, apathy, discontent and jealousy are just some.  Of course all those things can also be present, but true love is really precious and lasts for a very long time.  Some people have longer relationships with their pets than their spouses.  Others neglect their spouses for the children while others squeeze out their kids for their spouse.
As we age, self-love seems to wane and many women over 50 as well as men, can feel unloved and unfulfilled. Self confident and personal worth can decrease as they move from the working career years to retirement.  Staying active, keeping in touch with friends and even traveling can rekindle an inner peace and friendships.  New loves can spark with group activities for those looking for companionship.
Regardless, as the song says “Love is a Many Splendid Thing” and it’s also a very precious thing. So don’t abuse it, don’t lose it and value every precious second you have.
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