You know how I am always preaching having a smile and a positive attitude.  Well, most of you know that I was in L.A. last week and when I returned my rental car to Hertz, there were quite a few people waiting.  A gentleman came up to me and said “Are you late for your flight?”  I said “Not really, but I always like to get there as soon as I can.”  He said, “Well, I’m the courtesy driver and I’d like to take you in our car.”  I of course accepted and it saved going to all the stops on the shuttle bus etc.

I was the only one in the car and I said, “Don’t you take more people than just one?” He said “Yes, but you were the only one I felt like asking.”  And I thought, there’s that Law of Attraction.  When I told him I had just driven in from Palm Springs he couldn’t believe it and when I asked why he said “You just don’t seem like the type that would drive all that way by yourself.”
As someone who has driven all over this country by herself, it was no big deal to me, but evidently to him it was.  I just thought once again you never know who and what you will attract when you go at with that positiveness and smile.  Please, for me, put that smile on your face as you go through your day.  You’ll be amazed at the results.

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