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Through a learning process you will also discover a great deal about yourself: your likes and dislikes, tolerances and intolerances, strengths and weaknesses–and very important–just how much patience you have for the learning process.

Many energetic, hard-working people want to get to the top, and if that entails many hours of work and learning, some “go-getters” do not have the intestinal fortitude to stick it out. Some feel that if anything takes too much time, it just isn’t worth it. They want results and they want them quickly.

A true learner knows that things take time, and anything worthwhile is worth waiting for. True power resides in people who can do the waiting, as long as don’t let others take advantage of them in the process.

Do your own research. It’s important to learn from the past and to profit from it. One of the easiest ways to do this is to read or do research on the Internet. Read biographies of people who are currently successful or who are a part of history. See what they’ve done.

Research and track successful companies. Business magazines are full of stories about such companies and their leadership. What is their philosophy or mission statement? What type of people do they hire? What behavior do they reward? What is their ethical or moral posture? Do they rule through participation or autonomy? Are they centralized or decentralized?

Look at the answers you get and see what you can glean from them? Do you agree with their style, separate and apart from the results? Are there things you would change? Do you see the potential for even greater success?

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