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I had the honor of meeting Daymond John of Shark Tank and he’s just come out with a new book “The Power of Broke” which he graciously signed for me.  Although he is tremendously successful now, he started out with no funding and a $40 budget.

So he had to explore and implement:
– Out of the box techniques to get his name and products in the market
– That having a heart full of hope IS important to talk about in your on business
– Thinking more creatively  instead of giving excuses for why it won’t get done
– Using resources more efficiently and consider partnerships
– Connecting with customers more authentically.  NO HIDDEN AGENDAS
– Marketing ideas with more imagination that get people talking
– Staying laser focused on goals (this is so critical to your success and where I spend much of my coaching time with clients)
– Coming up with innovative solutions which include events and co-created products
Does that help you?  You can do it too and who knows, maybe you’ll end up on Shark Tank.
TIP OF THE WEEK: Customer Service
Nothing is more important than taking care of your customer. I want you to think of this past week and how many experiences you had where you just wanted to reach through the phone and strangle the person on the other end. I had that experience with Macy’s.  I had a bill but had never received one and therefore hadn’t paid it. After 16 phone calls (to them) where an automated line said “Call volume is too high – please call later” and three requests for a bill, I finally received one yesterday.
The CARBONITE Experience:
Compare the above story to Carbonite who spent countless time with me trying to transfer accounts because of a new computer and old email address.  We got it fixed and they were patient and interested in solving the problem.
How do you handle your customers?  Is everyone of them important to you? What do they say about you when they hang up the phone or leave your place of business?  Always remember, if I like you, I tell 1 to 2 people.  If I don’t, I tell 10 to 20.
A few of my own insights for you this week
1.  Results are the language of business.
2.  Be positively influential to everyone around you.
3.  Remember, money is just energy.  Think about it positively.
4.  Do what you love.
5.  What you appreciate, grows!

Dr. Carson’s mission is to empower all women 50 plus who have achieved successes and experienced challenges. She believes: “Women are life fine wine. They get better and sweeter with age.” She does this through her radio network, where she has 20 women doing programs for women 50+ and her #1 and #3 radio shows on the Radio Ear Network.

Many boomer women feel invisible and insecure when they reach that magic age, and Dr. Carson provides resources, coaching and mentoring services for them. Ever positive and full of energy, she embraces this population and helps companies who are looking to acquire the wallet share of this group.

For more information about Spunky Old Broad Month or Dr. Gayle Carson, visit her website at or email her directly at [email protected]

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