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I was thrilled that I was asked to emcee the Women’s Leadership Forum for UPS, Caterpillar and MasterCard held at Florida International University this past month.  In exchange they made a donation to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation which I totally believe in and support.

Some of you may know I’m a 3x breast cancer champion with 16 surgeries under my belt.  All of my “happenings” were discovered with a mammogram, which is why I’m such a stickler for monitoring and checkups.  While we are seeing the incidence of breast cancer rising, perhaps it’s because of better methods of detection.

Although we haven’t found better ways of prevention even though a lot has been written about it, there are much better treatment methods out there and new discoveries every day.

So how do you live with the effects of 3 bouts of radiation, chemo and all those surgeries? With a positive mindset—that’s how.  I know it sounds easier than it is, but it’s all about how you approach life and your day—each day—every day.

Yes, my body is like a road map, however my mind is clear.  I have learned how important forgiveness is, why I have a mission to fulfill and how important every single person in the world is.

People always ask me why I’m so happy and my answer is “What’s the choice?  You can be happy or sad and happy is definitely better.”  There is no point in living with regrets, because you engulf yourself in negativity which only produces more pain and illness.

Make sure you get yourself checked so that you can live this next year in peace and productivity.

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