You all are the ones who are able to change the world. By living a true life of good deeds, conviction, spirit, love and enthusiasm, you are a role model for everyone around you. You may not think anyone is watching you, however they are, and while they are doing that, they are also forming opinions of you and how you operate.

You are mothers, sisters, grandmothers, friends, and in those roles you are a major influencer. Your kids listen to you and will continue to use your advice their entire lives. Your team listens to you because you make the right decisions. Your friends like being with you because you’re fun, enthusiastic and give them good advice.

Isn’t it wonderful that you are a leader, a friend, a guide and mentor and you do all of this without thinking about any reward you might receive. That’s because women are these amazing creatures who can multi-task (I know you’re not supposed to), take care of everyone and still shine like a star–because you are one!

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