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Every day I march myself to the gym to get my body moving.  At 77 that’s an important thing for me to do.  My workouts consist of aerobics, strength training, sculpting, stretching, the bike and something new called “piloxing.”

Of course I have bad knees, bad back and no chest muscles because of my surgeries from breast cancer, so I’ve had to adjust what I do over the years.  But I still go and move at least two to two hours a day (besides my normal daily routine), 7 days a week.

Breast cancer is just one of many illnesses that can rob you of any motivation to get off the couch, but the less you move—the less you move.  And the less you move—the more you’re inviting other illnesses into your body.  So my advice to any “couch potatoes” out there or those of you too tired to do anything—“Get Moving.”

Breast cancer is not choosy.  There doesn’t have to be a family history—my Mom died at 99 ½ without any trace of cancer.  It knows no age discrimination.  Young women have gotten it as well as people in their 60’s and 70’s.

As I said before, early detection is the key. I applaud companies like 3M, AAA, Chevrolet, Fila and H&M who support the various foundations and contribute to the research for breast cancer.

It doesn’t matter whether you have breast cancer or not—it does really does matter how you handle it. Believe you are being helped—ask all the questions you need to— see all the doctors you want to—seek out the specialists everywhere—and whatever decisions you make—be sure they are your decisions.

If there is something that isn’t clear to you—dig deeper. You need to feel confident in everything you’re going through.  And there are amazing medical options for you.

Breast cancer awareness month has done a lot to bring breast cancer to the forefront yet there are still women (and men) who ignore the warnings and don’t get checked.

(and for all those critics that have told me this beautiful woman looks too young to be on my website- she is over 50. Not everyone has to have grey hair and wrinkles to be spunky, open, and brave!)

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