by Gayle Carson…

As you know this is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  However, this past week Ben Stiller was on TV talking about the fact that he had prostate cancer two years ago. He was freaked out (as he should have been) but I was surprised that a person who was so sophisticated didn’t know about the PSA test.
So I decided to talk about this today.  Whether it is your husband, partner, fiance, or friend, make sure they get that test, especially if they are over 50.  My husband had prostate cancer and he found it through his PSA test which I made him take. (By the way, he is the one who made me get my first mammogram. That’s taking care of each other!) He successfully managed it and was told he would die from something else quicker than he would the cancer.
And he did.  He had many medical issues and although there were side effects from the treatment, he kept it under control. There are three types of cancer that can be detected early by tests. One is breast, one is prostate and the other is colon.  Don’t be foolish–do these tests.  It can mean your life!!


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