About Dr. Gayle Carson

The back story of Dr. Gayle’s Spunky Old Broad® Philosophy 

Born in Albany, NY, Dr. Gayle Carson, like many of us, has experienced endless moves and had many career adventures and hiccups along the way. One thing Gayle knew at a young age- she was born to coach entrepreneurs.

Possessing that “silver lining mentality” has allowed her to build a company from 0 to 7 offices, travel globally as an international speaker, coach and consultant and produce over two dozen books, CD and DVD programs and work with over 1000 clients in 50 different industries.

Coaching and speaking across the world, Dr. Gayle always heard:

“How do you stay so positive?”   “Where does that inner-spunk come from?”  Did they say SPUNK? Well, she knew she wasn’t a spring chicken and having an opinion can make people reach for the BROAD word.  So why not put this whole thing together and represent in a POSITIVE way, three words that are typically NEGATIVE?

The Spunky Old Broad® (SOB) philosophy was born.  Dr. Gayle wanted to possess a distinct way to describe that fire in her belly that just seems to keep her going!

The past 81 years weren’t child’s play however. Surviving four bouts of breast cancer and over 16 surgeries, experiencing the death of her husband and her oldest son was not easy to say the least. Throughout all the cancer, she kept working even during radiation, chemo as Dr. Gayle believes we are all survivors in one form or another.

This attitude transfers over to the mastermind groups and individual coaching and mentoring with her clients so that they not only survive but flourish and reinvent themselves personally and professionally.

As an expert adviser to CEO’s and entrepreneurial managers around the world, she has been called on by major media to comment on business, communication, the conversation on boomer statistics and even customer service issues.  A specialist in boomer women and beyond, she helps them deal with elder-care issues, feeling invisible, self-esteem and most important, knowing they can become whatever it is they want to be. When you consider our aging general population; boomer statistics show over 10,000 individuals in the US alone retire each and everyday.  Other boomer statistics may seem staggering in looking at the sheer numbers of:

  • 77 million people were born between 1946 and 1964, which is defined as the baby boomer era (U.S. Census)
  • By Boomers make up 35% of the American adult population (Scarborough)
  • The 55+ age group controls more than three-fourths of America’s wealth (ICSC)

Dr. Carson says, “Many of my mentees are already successful, however they are dealing with so many other issues because they are responsible women who become overwhelmed.”


What You Can Expect from Dr. Gayle

“As a result of Gayle’s careful preparation and coaching my appearance on her show went so well that it resulted in another popular radio host offering me a key position on a regularly scheduled live show. I’ll be the Money Coach for Dr. Sam Mallette and will be broadcast locally, streaming live, and via iHEart radio – literally thousands of listeners. WOW! Without Dr. Carson’s tutelage, I would not have been in a position to accept this offer! I am so glad she does what she does so well. Thank You very much.”

– Ronda Cobb, The Money Coach



“I hired Gayle during a transition of our business. It was a time that we were considering either doing a roll up with our own company on a national basis or potentially selling to a Fortune 500 company. As we got deep in our negotiations and due to the confidentiality of all of the issues, I needed a professional who on a confidential basis and who from a distance could help me sort through what made the most since for the company and myself. Through weekly conversations I was able to set goals, get clarity and act on what we discussed, and in the end I feel the decision to sell was and is the best decision overall, which Gail was very helpful in her guidance. Part of the issues pertained to myself maintaining my role within the organization but yet not being overwhelmed with the transition. I can definitely say that now in 10 months since the sale all is as planned and smooth sailing and I am delighted with the results. Gayle is a great listener and communicator and has volumes of experience to be able to help guide you in any decision you are contemplating.”

– Barbara Black, Managing Director, JLL


“I met Dr. Gayle Carson years ago as she was beginning her SOB initiative. I knew immediately that she was an amazing woman that oozed the savvy, sophistication and SOB qualities I desired for my golden years of life. But I didn’t believe any of that was possible for me then. As the universe would have it, our paths would intersect again at a seminar in California and seeing her successful evolution, I retained her as my business coach. Within 30 days, I had a radio show interview and my first PAYING client that doubled my ROI! Gayle is a powerful connector with an amazing Rolodex of resources, celebrities and anything you need to shift your mindset and actions toward success. Ever inspiring, teaching, coaching, connecting and assisting others, Dr. Gayle Carson has the experience to propel you beyond your limiting beliefs. Gayle, I thank you for the life altering shift that continues to move me toward living the SOB life of my dreams!”

– Lydia Harris


“Dr. Carson asked the BEST questions, and our conversation was organic as we have never spoken before. I really enjoyed the interview today. I’d say it was my best one yet!!”

– One of America’s Top Franchise Experts, Kim Daly





“Just wanted to say thank you, as my wife listened to your podcast the other day, and I also overheard it and I absolutely loved it, even more than her I think!… Loved the focus on decision-making based on values, rather than stress and pressure which I feel can happen automatically as you are influenced more by your environment and people instead of being intentional… Environment has been key for me as it really influences who you become!”

– Neil Dylan Young, Peak Performance Coach and The Founder and CEO of Advanced Alpha



” …Love the name of your podcast and what a way to live life!  I so enjoyed our time together and you have a true gift for bringing out the best in people. Thank you again for the amazing experience with you…”

– Debi Ronca, Certified Life Coach, Speaker and Author






“Love Gayle Carson, I had the privilege of sharing on her podcast and was blown away with the genius of this incredible trailblazer! So inspiring…”
– Jana Short, a renowned global influencer in the health and wellness industry.




“I so enjoyed being a guest on Dr. Gayle Carson’s podcast.  It was such a genuine conversation.  She’s thoughtful, inspiring, and simply brilliant.  Her wisdom is priceless!  I’m grateful for the opportunity to share and spend time with such an amazing lady!”


Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew





“What a pleasure it was to be on Gayle Carson’s Women in Business Podcast. I just adore Gayle. Being on her show was like hanging out with a wise, business savvy, and deeply caring friend.  Thank you Gayle for not just welcoming me, but for making me feel so celebrated. I am honored to have been one of your guests and to have the pleasure of knowing you. Five Stars all the way around!”

Jennifer Martin
Zest Business Consulting
[email protected]ZestBusinessConsulting.com



“I would love to give a Yay!  to Dr. Gayle. Her work is very helpful and inspiring. She has such a positive outlook that is contagious. Our conversation was enjoyable and she allowed me to be fully me.  Thank you for having me as a guest.”
Susan Burrell





“Gayle Carson is a dynamo!  Her passion and commitment to helping women lead truly satisfying lives comes through loud and clear.  If you are a woman ready for your next personal or business chapter, you gotta know Gayle!”


Robert MacPhee
Excellent Decisions




“I enjoyed being a guest on Dr. Gayle Carson’s “Living Regret Free Podcast.” Gayle is an enthusiastic, insightful host!


Susan Shumsky
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