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On the SOB Radio Network, we have hosts over 50 doing shows for women over 50 on topics from fashion, health, medicine, fitness, creativity etc.

Join Dr. Gayle Carson on her SOB Radio Show. Her show features a diverse group of women who all show how to live a full and excited after 50 clear up to 90 and beyond, still doing fabulous things

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Recent Shows

December 4, 2017  Toby Haberkorn   Part 1    Part 2

Toby is an executive-search consultant and certified job search strategist. She is the author of “Best Job Search Tips for Age 60” and talks about retirement, today’s work-world realities and the challenges mature workers face. She speaks to volunteering and why networking is so important. She also covers some 21st century job search strategies.


November 12, 2017  Judy Foster    Part 1     Part 2

Judy is the founder of Women’s Wisdome and is a passionate advocate for empowering women which provides a community to encourage women to come together to support and collaboration.



November 5, 2017   Debbie Allen   Part 1     Part 2

Debbie talks about becoming an expert and the different levels involved in that. She talks about the first step you need to take to launch their expert business and then how to dominate their niche market online. She speaks to positioning herself as a Global expert and how an expert can quickly create products to sell.


October 8, 2017  Julila Stege   Part 1    Part 2

Julia helps Change Makers clarify and express their purpose through their marketing. Known as the Magical Marketer, she helps people attract their true Soul Tribe online. She believes that there are 3 reasons that marketing the normal way is actually harmful to heart based business. She talks about how you can inspire change through marketing.


October 2, 2017  Marjorie Saulson    Part 1    Part 2

Marjorie was named the top speaking coach of the year by the International Assn of Top Professionals and talks about what inspired her to focus on this subject. She speaks to the 3 strategies people can use to help reduce nerves and fear and how to improve the quality of their voices. She also mentors successful business owners who are not content to sit on their laurels.

September 10, 2017   Cheryl Kuba   Part 1    Part 2

Cheryl is a gerontologist and specializes in family caregivers. Her book “Navigating the Journey of Aging Parents” talks about how you can add 18 hours a week into their busy schedule and she also talks about parents who have Alzheimer’s disease and what the special risks are regarding privacy and intimacy. She also talks about the 3 things all caregivers do to keep harmony in their homes.

September 3, 2017 Gladys Mezrahi   Part 1    Part 2

Gladys talks about her early start and how she got into the event business. She speaks to the challenges she faced and why she’s gotten so involved in women’s organizations and causes. She also talks about how she got started in politics. She produces events in the United States and Columbia. She also founded a skin and body product manufacturing company and also worked as a private investment manager.

August 13, 1017 Elena Brower    Part 1   Part 2

Elena talks about who her ideal client is and what makes her an etiquette expert. She talks about dealing with different cultures and the 3 mistakes business women make in business. She speaks to the consequences of rude behavior in the workplace and whether people think manners are still important. She also speaks about social manners outside the work environment.

 August 7, 2017 Karen Rowe – Owner – Front Rowe Seat   Part 1    Part 2

A #1 International Bestselling author, Karen Rowe is the owner of Front Rowe Seat, a full-service writing firm. She is an expert in nonfiction and can help you position yourself as a leading authority in your niche. Through her proven system, “Book at the Beach,” Karen is known for helping elite, alpha male business owners get their books written in 3 days or less. Her clients include an actor, a retired FBI Agent, a Reality TV star, entrepreneurs with online empires and some of the top self-help leaders in the industry. Her mission is to help you find your voice and uncover your own unique and powerful story to create an instant connection with your marketplace. She has worked on more than 40 book projects and is the author of 5 of her own books including Mass Influence: The Habits of the Highly Influential, which she co-authored with Teresa de Grosbois and Behind the Cover: A Ghostwriter’s Guide to Authoring your Own Business Book. Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Karen now lives in Tampa, Florida.

July 9, 2017 – Mary Engel – Management Coach, Global Women’s Summit  Part 1    Part 2 

Mary is known as The Management Coach and is the Managing Director of the Global Women’s Leadership Summit. She talks about the role of the leader and manager and the most challenges that managers come to her for. She also talks about what a leader who wants better managers needs to focus on.

July 2, 2017 – Shirley Claire – Entertainer   Part 1    Part 2

Shirley is a former Follies and Earl Carroll girl, has been featured with Jimmy Durante , and was a Cover Girl. She was on “America’s Got Talent” and blew them away. Still working at 89, she has more energy than people half her age. This program is all about her life and how she keeps the spirit and zest that she has and some humorous stories of her career which started at the age of 9.

June 19, 2017  – Patricia Gras – Broadcast Producer and Journalilst –  Part 1   Part 2

Patricia is a woman who speaks 5 languages and has traveled to more than 64 countries. She talks about how she keeps herself healthy, what failure means to her, why she wrote her book “Yin and Yang,” and what her future dreams are. She’s an Emmy winner, singer, songwriter and was a pioneer in Spanish television in Houston. She has won 170 + broadcasting awards and talks about her long career in broadcasting.

Jeanne Robertson

June 11, 2017 – Jeanne Robertson – Humorist  Part 1   Part 2

Jeanne is a humorist who at 73 is more popular than ever. She appears in a one woman show, has numerous videos on You Tube and is on Sirius XM satellite with hundreds of hours of material. A former Ms. North Carolina and one of the tallest at 6’2” she has made a living at taking every day occurrences and shaping them into funny stories. This broadcast exemplifies all of this.


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