Holiday Greetings!

We now begin the various celebrations of the year. This week starts the celebration of Hanukkah and then in two weeks we have Xmas and Kwanzaa. Everyone is on their best behavior this time of year, and as the commercial

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Finding the new you!

As we move into December and realizing there are only 4 weeks left until the new year, I wonder how many of you are thinking about all the things you haven’t done, but intended to. Although I don’t do New

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My Wedding Anniversary

  Today would have been my 54th wedding anniversary. I still miss him every day and wish he were here, however, I know he wouldn’t have gotten any better because he would never have changed his habits. Still, we had

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Happy Thanksgiving

Hard to believe that is already time for Thanksgiving. And once again it’s time to give thanks to everything and everyone. These last two weeks have been a whirl, what with Chicago, Atlanta and this week it will be San

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Live In Possibility

That’s my new theme. I had the honor of being the subject of a “rebranding” at the Florida Speakers Association, and that’s what the expert came up with. After going through just a brief Q & A, he said that’s

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Back in time for Halloween

I’m back from my cruise in time for Halloween, and I want to share how nice everyone was everywhere we went. My daughter and I spent 2 full days in New York City and every person I met or asked for

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Canadian Cruise Coming

This is the last post for two weeks as I am leaving on the cruise with my sister through Canada. There are 22 of us going to celebrate her 60th wedding anniversary and I am taking my daughter so a

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Happy Columbus Day

Columbus Day first became an official state holiday in Colorado in autumn of 1905, and became a federal holiday in the United States in 1937. People have celebrated Columbus’s voyage in the U.S. since the colonial period. In 1792, New York City

Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s time for me to be on my soapbox again.  As some of you know, I am a 3x breast cancer survivor who has had 16 surgeries, several rounds of radiation and chemo. All 3 of my cancers were found

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Self-defeating Traps

With most of S. Florida healing from Hurricane Irma, things are getting back to normal. As I travel around the county, there are still traffic lights out, gobs and gobs of bushes and trees lined up on the sides of