Make Today So Awesome, Yesterday Gets Jealous

Isn’t that a fabulous saying? I got that from a “Juice Plus” brochure I have. (I swear by those supplements.) Have you thought about your day?  Has it been “awesome?” I know it seems difficult to have an awesome day

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Are You On Autopilot?

I hope you are having a great Memorial Holiday. Sometimes we forget what the holiday actually means. Memorial Day is a great day of remembrances and if my dear friend Conni were still with us, she would be celebrating more

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Do You Love Your Life?

To all you S.O.B’s out there, this is a very important question.  Once you hit the mid-century mark, you start asking questions. Where did the time go? Now that I’ve taken care of everyone, is it my time–yet? I have

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A Slip Is Not A Fall

Someone said that as I sat in a meeting for the Ambassadors Board of Nova Southeastern U. It really struck a nerve. So many times just a little thing goes wrong and we beat ourselves up over it. When all

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All Mother’s Day

O.K. all you S.O.B.’ers, it’s coming up. For all of you mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers, I hope you will take next Sunday and love every minute of it  You deserve it!!  After all, there were all the trials and

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Spring Has Sprung?

I say that with a question mark because of all the crazy weather that has been going around. However with that in mind, and as we start the month of May, some of you might have been wondering when the

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Continuous Learning

Most people stop learning after high school. Some even continue through college. However if you ask most folk how many books they read a year, it usually isn’t more than one or two (not you guys), and as for seminars, workshops

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Are You Stopping You?

I had an interesting “a-ha” as I was going through the boxes now in my living room. I got into a box that had my speeches from 1985 to 1990. It never dawned on me at the time, but as

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Letting Go …

We hear that phrase many times and it has a different meaning for all of us. I have spent the last 5 years going through my storage unit piece by piece and not getting very far. Every time I looked

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Was It Your Spring Break?

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day. Did anyone play a prank on you? And we celebrated both Passover and Easter.  I hope whichever you did, allowed you to be with family and friends. And of course there was Spring Break. Not

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